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 Developing Excellence 


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We specialize in brand awareness, brand exposure and customer acquisitions. Our areas of expertise cover marketing, customer services, sales and consultancy. Our goal is to not only grow exposure in the market, but to build relationships with vendors and assist our growing portfolio of clients in increasing their value with our guaranteed ROI campaigns.


We work with a variety of clients. These include small businesses, telecommunications, universities, international charities, and more. We are currently accepting new clients.


At Silver Star, we strive to have a growth-driven atmosphere. Collaboration and teamwork is the key to success, and we recognize the difference we have made for our clients takes the efforts of many. 


Silver Star is named after Major Jerry Morgan, who received the Silver Star Medal in the United States Army for gallantry in action. After retiring, Jerry spent his days in the garage doing carpentry and listening to Elton John. More specifically, he would make toy cars, then walk around his small Texas town and give them away. His philosophy was that ones value in life is the value they can bring to others.


At Silver Star, we strive to build a community based on values like his.  Our clients include some of the best and biggest brands in the world.  Our mission is to protect those brands while driving growth for clients, partners, and our staff.  


We believe in doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well, to create an atmosphere focused on developing our greatest asset…people.


In an increasingly disconnected world, we’re connecting people, one at a time.  Whether it’s raising funds and awareness for nonprofits, or customer acquisition for a Fortune 500 client; at Silver Star, we know who we are, where we came from, and where we’re going.




“We hired Silver Star to help us with new acquisitions mid-pandemic. In the midst of a crazy time, they delivered results with ease and professionalism. A friendly staff goes a long way”


Dona Nelson

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